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South Carolina Fire & Life Safety Education Association

Promoting Fire & Life Safety Education
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South Carolina Fire and Life Safety

Education Association



Approved November 12, 2013 (With proposed changes to be voted on Jan 14th, 2014)



Names and Objectives


Section One – Name of Organization


This organization shall be known as the South Carolina Fire and Life Safety Education Association (SCFALSE), and is hereinafter referred to as the association.  The name of the association shall not be used improperly by any member.  This shall not restrict the officers or appointees or agents of the association in the use of the name to carry out the purposes of this association as long as used in appropriate manner.


Section Two – Purpose and Objectives


The purpose of this association shall be as follows:


Purpose: To promote fire and life safety education for the general public as well as other firefighters and to encourage fire and life safety organizations to be pro-active in the measures in safety education, thereby reducing the number of fire injuries and/or fire fatalities in South Carolina.


Objectives:  To network with other safety organizations, to elevate safety awareness through the participation of other organizations, such as industry, business, and insurance companies.  To seek involvement of any professional organization that is in agreement with the purpose stated above, and to seek a definite reduction in the number of fire related injuries, fatalities, as well as accidents causing injury in South Carolina.





Section One – Eligibility


A governmental representative and any representative of private industry or the general public who is actively engaged in some phase of fire and life safety prevention, education, or those concerned with public fire and life safety as a whole may be eligible for membership.


 Section Two – Membership Types


General Membership – The General Member shall reside in South Carolina and be affiliated with a fire, EMS, or law enforcement agency. (Under consideration for changes to be voted on January 14, 2014)


Associate Member – The Associate Member is an out-of-state member who shall not have any voting privileges within the association.


Business Membership – The Business Member shall be a contributor to the good of the association and will not have voting privileges.


Honorary Life Member – The Honorary Member must have the approval of the Executive Board and a majority vote of those members present at any regular membership meeting.  Honorary Life Membership may also be conferred on any person that has rendered distinctive service to the association.  An Honorary Life Member will be exempt from the payment of annual dues.


Section Three – Acceptance


All applications for membership shall be made to the 3rd Vice President of the association.  Each application will be voted on at membership meetings and may be accepted or rejected by the association members.





Section Four – Qualifications


Prior to voting upon each application, the association shall give due consideration to the following:

     1.     The personal character of the person

     2.     The character and reputation of the applicants’ employer and associates.

     3.     The general nature and character of the principle business of the employer and associates.

     4.     No persons shall be permitted to maintain a membership if they currently, or has been a member of a subversive organization or of any organization whose objectives and operations are inconsistent with the purpose of this association.


Section Five – Termination


The association may terminate any membership for the following reasons:

     1.     Such member falsified his/her application or makes any misrepresentation therein.

     2.     Such member has conducted his/herself in such a manner as is prejudicial to the good name or best interest of the association.

     3.     Such member has exhibited traits of character or conduct inconsistent with the qualifications for membership of the association.  The Executive Board shall have the authority to terminate a member for any reason specified herein.












Elections, Terms and Offices


Section One – Officer Positions


The officers of this association shall consist of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and Immediate Past President.  These positions must hold the status of a General or Honorary Life Member.


Section Two – Executive Board Positions


The officers of the association, duly elected, shall constitute the Executive Board.  A Board member must be a General or Honorary Life Member of the association in good standing.



Section Three – Terms


The officers of the executive board shall hold office for a period of two years concurrent.


Section Four – Vacancies


Any occurring vacancies of the Executive Board shall be handled in appropriate manner by the Executive Board as soon as the vacancy has been announced.


Section Five – Elections


All elections shall be made on a Bi-annual Basis in November of the odd years.  Any member or group of members may nominate any person or persons within the association, providing they are General or Honorary Life members, for election.




Section Six – Nominating Committee


The immediate Past President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary and one General Member shall constitute the nominating committee.  Nominations will be held from October 1 until October 30.  Voting will take place at the November meeting of the odd years.


Any member in good standing who cannot attend the November membership meeting is the odd years may submit an “Absentee Ballot” by enclosing the form prepared by the Nominating Committee in a blank envelope marked “SC FALSW Absentee Ballot” on the outside of the envelope and mailing it to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee including their name on the outer envelope by November 7th. 


No member of the association may hold a single office more than two (2) consecutive terms.





Section One – Executive Board


The government of this association shall be bested in the Executive Board of this association.  Four members of the Executive Board constitute a quorum.


Section Two – Duties and Power


The Executive Board shall have full power to initiate and transact all kinds of business necessary to the existence of this association and the observance of its purposes.  The board shall determine the date and location of the annual meetings and shall outline the programs during such meetings.  They shall have general powers to direct, control, and supervise the affairs of the association.


Section Three – President


The President shall be the chief executive officer of the association, and shall be responsible for the supervision and coordination of the activities of the association and will preside at the meetings of the association.  The President shall require reports of the activities of the association at each meeting from the appropriate Executive Board members.


The President shall serve on the Joint Council with the 1st Vice President and also serve as the SC FALSE representative on the South Carolina Academy Advisory Board.


The President shall appoint an Audit Committee consisting of two members of the association annually during the months of January or February.  The Audit Committee shall present a written report of the finances of the Association to the Executive Board within 30 days following the audit.


Section Four – 1st Vice President


The 1st Vice President shall assist the President and act on behalf of the President in his absence.  The 1st Vice President will be in charge of coordinating all efforts at the yearly South Carolina State Fire Marshals’ conference and the South Carolina Fire-Rescue Conference to ensure adequate staffing at our association booth and other activities of the association.  He shall also be the second person along with the President to serve on Joint Council, and also be the alternate on the South Carolina Fire Academy Advisory Board in the Absence of the President. He shall also preside over Region 1 and 2 Regional Coordinators.


     Section Five – 2nd Vice President


The 2nd Vice President shall assist the 1st Vice President and the President in their duties and act on their behalf during their absence.  The 2nd Vice President will be in charge of the Annual South Eastern Fire and Life Safety Education Conference.  He will coordinate all functions of the conference and be allowed to appoint a subcommittee in order to make this a success.  He shall also preside over Region 3, 4, and 5 Regional Coordinators.


Section Six – 3rd Vice President


The 3rd Vice President shall assist the 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, and President in their duties and act on their behalf during their absence.  The 3rd Vice President will be in charge of all membership duties and Chair the By-Laws Committee.  He shall also preside over Region 6 and 7 Regional Coordinators.


Section Seven – Secretary


The Secretary shall complete recording of the membership meetings, a roster of attendance and make such report at all quarterly meetings.  The Secretary shall also complete recording of all Executive Meetings.



Section Eight – Treasurer


The Treasurer shall collect all membership dues, receive all funds, keep accurate records, and make full report of all monies at all meetings.  All invoices or member reimbursement requests shall be completed within two weeks after receipt of the invoice or reimbursement request.


Section Nine – Immediate Past President


The Immediate Pat President shall assist the President and other Executive Board members as requested.  The position of Immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio position on the Executive Board.







Section One – Meetings


There will be no less membership meetings of the association annually.  The dates and locations will be placed on our association’s website at  Meetings can only be changed by a majority vote of the Executive Board in extreme circumstances.


Section Two – Executive Board


The Executive Board shall meet at any time or place upon the call of the President or any other Executive Board Member.  Attendance is expected at all regularly scheduled meetings.  All officers are expected to attend meetings.





Section One – Dues


All membership dues shall be paid by January 31 in the amount of $20.00.  Included in these dues is the right to have one vote per membership.  A business membership shall be $50.00 which includes one membership any additional memberships will cost $10.00.


Section Two – Failure To Pay


All members shall remain in good standing with the association.  If dues are not paid within 60 days of the dues notice, the privilege of voting will be suspended and the member shall not have the right to hold or be an active officer of the organization until payment has been received.  If dues are not paid within six months of the due date the member shall be removed from membership




Section One – Amendment Requirements


These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of this association by submitting suggested changes to the 3rd Vice President.  The 3rd Vice President shall bring the suggested changes to the next membership meeting.  A By-Law change will require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present.


Section Two – Voting


A maximum of one vote for each membership will be permitted.